Easter menu

Czech cuisine has an abundance of specialities, which are prepared only at Easter. These use young meat, the first green herbs and other spring produce. This year our chef have prepared a fresh variation of the traditional, but very modern and stylish Easter meals.


Easter menu de chef Tomáš Horák (April 18th – 22th 2019)

 Amouse bouche

1. Eel in two ways / Smoked whipped cream / Cucumber / Pear-vanilla / Parsley / Saffron / Bauchant Orange jelly
Welschriesling – late harvest, Mikros vín Winery, Mikulov,Czech Republic (0,1 dl)

2. Beetroot / Goat cheese / Cassis / Crème fraiche / Herbs / Crutons

3. Slowly Roasted Guinea Fowl Wrapped in Bacon, Pumpkin Puree, Cassis Jus, Stuffed Morel Mushroom, Peas, Asparagus
Frankovka Rosé - kabinet, Mádlová Winery, V. Bílovice, Czech Republic (0,1l)

4. Lemon – Yuzu Tarte / Mango / Tahiti Vanille / Lemon chips
Pálava – selection of grapes, Lechovice Winery, Moravia, Czech Republic (0,5 dl)

French butter variation - Jean-Yves BORDIER, butter made from farm-farm milk in Brittany and Normandy

MENU 4 courses = 1 544,- CZK/ 60 EUR/person

MENU 4 courses incl. sommelier selection of wines = 1 750,- CZK/ 68 EUR/person


Price per person: CZK 1544,- CZK,-

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