Seasonal Menu

Fresh flavours, lush colours, tender young meat and green herbs. This is how a spring gourmet menu is seen through the eyes of our culinary team led by Tomáš Horák.

Served daily from 12pm to 5pm.

  • Homemade White Yogurt Cheese, Green Asparagus Tempura, Radish, White Chocolate,
    Coconut Mousse, Oxalis
    [CZK 140,-]

  • Curry-Lemon Grass Soup, Spring Rolls
    [CZK 120,-]

  • Roasted Ikarimi Salmon Marinated in Vodka in a Beetroot Crust, Lobster Sauce,
    Rucola Risotto, Purple Cauliflower, Thai Asparagus, Caviar
    [CZK 290,-]

  • Sous-vide Guinea Fowl in Parma Ham, Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables,
    Shallot-Cassis Sauce, Fried Jerusalem Artichoke with Crème Fraîche
    [CZK 420,-]

  • Tarte au Mascarpone, Pinnaple, Opalys Chocolate
    [CZK 220,-]

  • Coffee or Teas selection

Each course can be ordered separately or as a
5-course MENU = 1190, - CZK/person
5-course MENU incl. aperitif and sommelier selection of 2 glasses of wine and coffee or exclusive tea selection = 1 590,- CZK/person

This offer is not just available.

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