Šéfkuchař Michal Novák

Restaurant TRITON offers Czech and international cuisine using local produce (honey from beekeepers of the Šárka valley, our own herbs, strawberries that we pick ourselves, etc.) and fresh ingredients from Czech organic producers. 

All is prepared by the creative and world-renowned Chef Michal Novák and paired with a wide range of Moravian and Imported wines served by professional and experienced sommeliers.

Menus available in EN, D, RU, FR, IT. If requested, we can lend you glasses to read the menu.


Your favourite menu:

 Czech degustation menu (5 course)

  • Prague Ham with Traditional Condiments
  • Beef Broth with Meat and Vegetables
  • Traditional Beef Sirloin in Cream Sauce with Cranberries and Carlsbad Dumplings
  • 1/4 Roast Duck with Red Wine Cabbage and Potato Dumplings
  • Apple Strudel with Sour Cream and Chocolate Sauce
    [CZK 890,-]                                                                          More info...




  • Escalivada Tapas with Anchovies, Olives, Artichokes, Tomatoes [CZK 170,-]

  • Venison Pate with Almonds, Cranberries, Romanesco, Beetroot [CZK 190,-]

  • Marinated Salmon and Octopus Carpaccio, Pickled Shallot, Grapefruit Puree [CZK 220,-]

  • Prague Ham Served with Horseradish, Pickled Onions and Gherkin [CZK 140,-]

  • Dried Iberico Ham, Baked Golden Melon, Raspberry Vinegar [CZK 220,-]

  • Terrine of Duck Foie Gras with Honey Cashew Nuts, Fig Marmalade, Orange [CZK 290,-]



  • Pistou Vegetable Soup with Basil Pesto [CZK 110,-]

  • Beef Broth with Meat and Root Vegetables [CZK 110,-]

  • Třeboň Fish Soup and Piquant Peppers [CZK 140,-]



  • Snails Au-gratin with Herb Butter, Caper Salsa [CZK 230,-]

  • Beef Sirloin in Cream Sauce, Steamed Dumplings [CZK 230,-]

  • Cannelloni Pasta with Spinach, Cream Sauce, Chives and Garlic [CZK 280,-]



  • Roast Duck (¼) with Red Wine Cabbage and Potato Dumplings [CZK 390,-]

  • Beef Shank Goulash with White-bread Dumplings [CZK 290,-]

  • Traditional Beef Sirloin in Cream Sauce with Cranberries and Carlsbad Dumplings [CZK 390,-]

  • Vlasta Burian´s Noodles with Roast Chicken, Apples and Almonds according to the recipe of Jaroslav Trejbal – personal chef of Vlasta Burian – the king of Czech comedians used to play right here – in the former cabaret, where he acted and entertained the audience during 1920–1923. [CZK 290,-]



  • Seafood Risotto and Spinach Leaves [CZK 390,-]

  • Crispy Tiger Prawns in Coconut Sauce, Jasmine Rice [CZK 440,-]

  • Baked Salmon Steak with Quince Puree and Dijon Mustard, Buttered Vegetables [CZK 420,-]

  • "Bun Cha" Breast of Chicken Supreme with Grilled Vegetables, Rice Noodles [CZK 390,-]

  • Smoked Breast of Duck on Beech Flakes, Orange Sauce, Baked Red Onion, Potatoes Prepared with Thyme and Lemon [CZK 490,-]

  • Osso Buco Veal, Saffron Rice, Caramelised Carrot [CZK 440,-]

  • Rib Eye Steak with Grilled Mushrooms, Truffle Sauce and Jacket Potato [CZK 480,-]

  • Rossini Beefsteak with Madeira Sauce, Duck Liver, Bacon and Potato Puree [CZK 690,-]

    The opera composer Gioacchino Rossini was a real fan of food and could cook very well. - The recipe for “Rossini Steak” first saw the light of day when while he was enjoying a boat trip, the composer managed to drop his favourite lunch - turkey stuffed with liver and truffles and had to watch it drown. Apparently he was so sad that a chef from a nearby hotel prepared beef steak with foie gras and truffles for him to make up for his loss. The steak was named after Rossini and today people still enjoy Rossini's music as well as the steak.

  • Pinsa Pancake with Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Rucola Salad [CZK 290,-]



  • Mixed Vegetable Salad with Herb Dressing [CZK 120,-]

  • Lettuce Salad with Nuts and Apples [CZK 110,-]

  • Roast Vegetable, Chicory and Artichoke Salad [CZK 150,-]

  • Beetroot and Orange Salad, Sea Salt, Rucola [CZK 140,-]



  • Crêpes Suzette Pancake Flambéed at Your Table - a treat for all your senses [CZK 260,-]

  • Fried Apricots with Ice-cream and Vanilla Sauce [CZK 220,-]

  • Chocolate Parfait with Sour Cherry Sauce, Mango Sorbet [CZK 190,-]

  • Crème Brûlée with Passion Fruit Jelly and Forest Fruit [CZK 220,-]

  • Apple Strudel with Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce [CZK 140,-]



  • Selection of Czech Cheeses with Nuts and Apples [CZK 160,-]

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