Head Chef Tomas Horak

“Offering an extraordinary dining experience that will touch a person's heart is an art.  Just like painting a beautiful picture or composing an unforgettable symphony.”

Chef Tomas Horak has been lucky enough to be able to draw gastronomic inspiration from his long-term work activities abroad, for example in five-star hotels in Germany, Austria, France and Luxembourg (Lebenberg Kitzbühel, Grand Tirolia Hotel, Victor’s Residenz Hotel, Kempinski and Marriott). He improved his skills during his short-term attachment at Michelin restaurants, such as the two-star Ikarus Hangar7 in Salzburg and three-star La vie in Osnabrück, as well as in the culinary Institute Paul Bocuse in France.


The Head Chef of the Adria Hotel comes from a family of fine artists: so when he is not cooking, he is painting. He mostly indulges in Opt-Art style: its typical elements in the shape of geometric patterns enable achieving the optical illusion of movement. Its principles are used in the fashion and jewellery trade as well as interior design. Tomáš is a pioneer of this style in the field of gastronomy.


Tomas Horak likes to say: "Working with a plate and a canvas is very similar. It requires creativity, patience and the courage to try new things. Just as the painter starts with a blank canvas, an empty plate for a good chef means the freedom to create something unique, something which will be greeted with astonishment and provide an exceptional experience".


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