Sommelier Karel Sadke

Life is too short to drink bad wine.


... According to a joke beloved by Moravian winemakers wine can be divided into three classes: “Can be drunk - Can’t be drunk and Can be drunk by Praguers”.


Karel Sadke, head of the team of sommeliers, divides wine into just two categories, wine which you enjoy and wine which you don’t. “I like saying I am a coordinator, whose task is to cooperate with chefs and winemakers. That means changing the "mere" food intake necessary to sate your hunger and quench your thirst into an experience for both body and soul. Combining a selected wine with certain food so as to merge their flavours and aromas in one unique moment. I am fascinated by the variety of wines, the world of bouquets and aromas.”


The most important thing for Karel is his enthusiasm for his work. In addition to the world’s top wineries he collaborates with the Prague Salabka Winery, which has produced an exclusive wine for TRITON Restaurant that can be tried only in our establishment.


The wine selection in our cellars focuses on smaller wineries. At first, the wines go through a careful sensory evaluation and then are added to the list.  Our cellar offers a wide range of Czech and international wines of high quality.


In addition, what does SOMMELIER actually mean?

A sommelier is a professional in gastronomy – a specialist not only in wine, but also in other beverages like coffee or chocolate, and combinations.


The word “sommelier” comes from the French Somme/Sommier, in the Provençal dialect, “saumalier” - someone responsible for a team of animals – delivery of wine. This profession already existed in the times of Charles IV, when innkeeper Pešek, from the play “A night in Karlštejn”, tasted and served wine to the Emperor, while keeping him company.

The Sommé (in charge), was one of the monks in a monastery in charge of the place mats, the bread, the wine and the tableware.

The profession of sommelier has its origins in the early 19th century, with the advent of great hotels and exclusive restaurants.


The main responsibilities of a sommelier include the professional sales of wine, aperitifs, digestives, as well as the creation of the wine and beverage lists.  Sommeliers also provide guests with water, wine and beverages, which also means refilling and knowing the temperature for each kind.  Our sommeliers are responsible for the delivery of wines to our cellar, their correct storage and service in the appropriate conditions, just as this noble beverage deserves.

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