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New Year’s Eve Celebration in Adria Hotel

Similarly, as each year we have tried very hard to make the New Year’s Eve celebration worth while. This year the topic will be the Mafia in the 1920’s and 1930’s and we have prepared several surprises for you.  The programme includes live performances, a gangster chase, a Mata Hari dance routine and disco for the “members of the family”. The whole evening will be accompanied with live music while excellent food and drink will await you in the form of a buffet in the Café Neptune or the New Year’s Eve Menu in our Triton Restaurant. Each guest will take home a pleasant memory of New Year’s Eve 2008. The Cocktail Party will start at the hotel reception at 7 p.m. and the celebrations will last until the morning. There is the option of booking by telephone at +420 221 081 230 or via e-mail

>> New Year’s Eve Celebration

New Menu in the Triton Restaurant

We have prepared for you a new menu carefully chosen by a team of experienced chefs. Obviously, you can decide what you will have in our restaurant, from the comfort of your own home. We keep up with the times so you can download the menu from the Internet. And what culinary surprises have we prepared for you this time? Well, there is a pink roasted tuna medallion with marinated cuttlefish in Wasabi Sauce and risotto cake or for example veal cheeks braised in red wine with smoked vegetables, a pocket made of aubergine and mashed potato. To put it simply – full of delicacies. Is your mouth watering yet?

The Triton Restaurant is looking forward to your visit!

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Boxing Day Menu of St. Stephen

One Czech Christmas rhyme goes - Stephen, Stephen what are you carrying in your jug? I am carrying treats from carol-singing and I fell on the ice…. In the past, on December 26th - that is to say St. Stephen’s Day, there used to be a tradition of people going round houses in the villages, carrying a little nativity scene and carol singing. This is what the rhyme refers to, unfortunately the ending was not happy because dogs ate all the treats. So, rather than walking from house to house carol signing, come and enjoy our Boxing Day Menu of St. Stephen at the Triton Restaurant. We have prepared for you a traditional golden roast turkey and other delicacies. Table booking by telephone 221 081 218 or online on our web page.

>> More about the Boxing Day Menu of St. Stephen

Christmas Eve in Triton...

...will definitely be unforgettable. Preparations are fully under way, so we hope that Chef Michal Novák won’t be angry if we take a peep at his work. He is preparing a variation of the traditional Czech Christmas – after all we believe that the best tasting carp was prepared by our grandmothers. So he has supplemented the traditional Christmas menu with less usual delicacies, such as for example marinated tenderloin of pork with aniseed and strawberries served on rucola and chicory salad, courgette blossom filled with mushroom flan and truffle mousse or roast fallow deer medallion with duck liver and balsamic jelly, served on cranberry sediment. And undoubtedly there will be some desserts for those with a sweet tooth...

Reserve your table in time! By telephone +420 221 081 218 or by e-mail or the Internet here.

>> Christmas Eve Menu download

Indian Summer Menu

Indian summer is the last hint if warm days before autumn sets in. Perhaps for this reason it has a slightly bitter taste of something we like but know that will end soon. The leaves on trees are gradually changing colour into brilliant colours, the days are still warm, but are quickly getting shorter and shorter and fruits are being harvested, which are a natural part of our cuisine – autumn fruits, potatoes, nuts, mushrooms and chestnuts. These very ingredients are often a part of our daily menu because they taste best fresh. The same applies to our TRITON Restaurant. We have prepared a menu for you, compiled from the gifts of Czech orchards and forests.

Come and enjoy the taste of summer’s farewell with us! Daily from 12.00 to 24.00 with live piano music.

>> more about Indian Summer Menu...

Strawberry Menu in Triton Restaurant

Strawberries are not just refreshing but they also have beneficial effects on the human body. In our geographical location you can find this fruit in almost every garden, nevertheless people have been enjoying strawberries since the Stone Age. Even the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates knew about great effects of strawberries on our health. In the Middle Ages strawberries were grown in gardens of monasteries and they were a must on the tables of European kings and emperors. Strawberries are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and as fruit goes they contain surprisingly little natural sugar.

You can hardly prescribe yourself a more pleasant diet than the one based on strawberries. Would like something light and at the same time delicious on hot summer days? Come to us and refresh yourselves by choosing a dish from our strawberry menu!

>> more about Strawberry Menu...

Starring…asparagus: for joy of eating, health and love - Asparagus Days in Triton

Great healing and detoxicating effect of asparagus the people knew as early as in ancient Orient many thousands years ago. Do you also know its salutary impact?

People took asparagus to their heart more than 5000 years ago. It was a favourite vegetable ancient China and Egypt. The people in ancient Greece and Rome believed that it has the power to fire fleshly desires. High content of important vitamins and minerals and its combination make it the right fiend for your physical and mental condition. It sure is one of the kinds of vegetable which should be called elixir of youth. Asparagus encourages cleaning of organism…simply it is an ideal spring vegetable which cleans your body thoroughly. Furthermore asparagus counts among real delicacies of all gourmets. Maybe that is precisely why the asparagus has been nicknamed the king of vegetable for ages.

Do you want to try the salutary impact of this spring delicacy? Choose from our rich asparagus offer Triton Restaurant…

>> more about Asparagus Menu...

New menu in our Triton Restaurant

Come to taste delicacies from our new menu. Our Triton Restaurant invites you to spend a wonderful time in atmosphere of stalactite cave with life piano music. Specialities smoked on beechen shavings, fresh seafood specialities, traditional Czech cuisine, irresistable desserts ... Whatever you wish.

>> New menu here ...

Exclusive present for all mothers – Flower Menu: 8.-11. May 2008

The Mother’s Day is coming nearer and nearer and many a child or husband rack their brains over the question how to delight their mum, grandma or wife. Our Triton Restaurant offers an aster to this brain teaser. From 8th till 11th May we serve a special Mother’s Day Flower Menu. As the name suggests, our Chef composed the menu of blooms to delight the heart of every woman. Mums will not only enjoy our great gastronomy but they will also get a hand-made present by children from a preschool. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

>> more about Mother's Day Flower Menu...

Special Easter Menu

The spring is knocking at the door and we are looking forward to throwing away our winter coats, gloves and scarfs. Easter is an augury of spring, new life and sunny days. And it is worth celebrating it...our chef prepares a surprise for you in the shape of Easter Menu.

>> more about Easter Menu...

New St Valentine's Day Menu

St Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion to stop your race against time and spend a pleasant evening by candlelight.

>> more about St Valentine's Day Menu...


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