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Indian Summer Menu; tastes of leaving summer

Indian summer is the last hint if warm days before autumn sets in. Perhaps for this reason it has a slightly bitter taste of something we like but know that will end soon. The leaves on trees are gradually changing color into brilliant colors, the days are still warm, but are quickly getting shorter and shorter and fruits are being harvested, which are a natural part of our cuisine – autumn fruits, potatoes, nuts, mushrooms and chestnuts.  We have prepared fantastic new menu compiled from such ingredients that comes from Czech orchards and forests.

So don’t wait up and come to enjoy the taste of leaving summer to TRITON Restaurant! We are looking forward to your visit.

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The Charming Beauty of Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square has shown off its beauty in the city centre. On Sunday Sep. 18, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., all the cars disappeared from here and instead of the always present automobiles it was possible to see electric bikes, tightrope walkers, artists, children’s quad bikes and other entertainment, such as viewing a stalactite cave in the underground of the historical building in the Adria Hotel or the offer of special “Vlasta Burian’s” noodles at No. 26 Wenceslas Square, where Vlasta Burian’s Theatre was once founded.

The target of the organisers was to show people how beautiful and spacious Wenceslas Square really is. Those who liked the square free of cars could make for the middle part of the square and view the presentation with plans of what the square will look like after the revitalisation based on the architectural design of Cigler Marani Architects. Great attention was also focused on the exhibition of students, who were taking photos of life on Wenceslas Square.

Ing. Karel Doubek, the Adria Hotel Director and also a member of the Association of Prague New Town, which strives to make Wenceslas Square and its surroundings a better place, adds; "My dream to see Wenceslas Square without cars as a place where people want to linger and meet has come true “.

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Asparagus alias youth elixir

On the plate or into the vase? Without a doubt asparagus allures us to ask such a question. However, the answer is explicitly: on the plate! That’s because asparagus is so very highly valued by gourmets that it has been called „King of vegetables“ since long ago. Whats more, asparagus has astonishing regenerative and healing effects, known for many thousand years. It is also considered as an effective natural tonic and aphrodisiac in many countries. High concentrations of important vitamins and minerals make asparagus a good friend of physical and mental health. It is without doubt one of the kinds of vegetable which we could call a youth elixir.  And lets say - who wouldn’t want to try that?

Hence, do not hesitate and visit our restaurant to discover those great beneficial effects of this unique vegetable. You can choose from an asparagus menu prepared by our remarkable and internationally renowned head chef Michal Novák in our TRITON Restaurant. We are looking forward to your visit.

Asparagus Menu (pdf)

Noodles on the Stage of Vlasta Burian’s Theatre

  • Czech Style Italian Noodles with Chicken, Apples and Almonds a-la Jaroslav Trejbal, Personal Chef of Vlasta Burian [CZK 189,10 ]
    With each order ask for a “liqueur” free of charge!

“Three Eggs in a Glass”, “Anton Spelec, Sharp-Shooter”, “Duchacek Will Fix It”, “He Stood at the Till” and “The General Inspector” – are the names of the best known films in which the king of Czech comedy Vlasta Burian excelled. On April 9, 2011 we will commemorate the 120th anniversary of his birth.

The historical premises of today’s TRITON Restaurant are the place where in 1925 Vlasta Burian’s Theatre was established, representing the most successful theatre stage of the between-war cultural activities, where we together will celebrate the anniversary of Burian’s birth and remember his favourite meal – “Czech Style Italian Noodles with Chicken, Apples and Almonds”.

Vlasta Burian was renowned for his love of good food, but despite being such a grand gourmet neither he nor his wife would cook. Interestingly, he would not cook even on screen apart from the famous cooking scene in the film “Once Upon a Time There Was a King” where with Jan Werich he threw odds and ends into a vat, always in the “adequate” quantity. Burian never actually ate much in films and only very occasionally when it was important for the story. He experienced his best “epicurean” era when he hired one of the then leading Czech chefs, master Jaromír Trejbal, whose recipe has been used by Michal Novák, top chef of the TRITON Restaurant, to prepare for you Burian’s absolutely favourite meal which you can savour in the charming area of the stalactite cave in the below-ground floor of the building at 26 Wenceslas Square, right on the very spot of Burian’s first theatre stage.

Noodles on the Stage of Vlasta Burian’s Theatre (pdf)

Culinary Symphony of Two Masters of Czech Gastronomy in the Renowned TRITON Restaurant

Two masters of the culinary art joined forces to create a truly exceptional tasting menu, which will bring joy to the heart of every gourmet. You can experience this unrepeatable gastronomic symphony under the baton of Michal Novák and Vladimír Šmejkal from March 23, to 27, 2011 in the remarkable premises of the renowned TRITON Restaurant – a stalactite cave directly on Wenceslas Square.

The mastery of both experts, who share one kitchen, suggests that you cannot let such an opportunity slip through your fingers. During the sixteen years of his career Michal Novák, today the master chef  at the famous TRITON Restaurant, has gained experience not only in top quality Czech restaurants and hotels, but has also extended his skills beyond the borders of our country in competitions, short-term attachments and long-term stays – for example in Ulyanovsk - Russia, Switzerland, Denmark and Mexico. He does not like getting tied down by convention, a fact which can also be clearly seen in a menu prepared by him, boasting consummate combinations.

Vladimír Šmejkal has been engaged in a number of first-class hotels and restaurants, not just in this country but also abroad. He has worked in the Flambé restaurant, Diplomat Hotel and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has cooked for the Spanish crown prince, and in Belgium side by side with the personal chef of the Belgian king. He likes using and expertly combining the experience gained in the kitchens he has called home in years gone by. According to Vladimír Šmejkal the enjoyment and pleasure, which his meals provide, bind his working team together – and having Mr. Šmejkal in it is a real guarantee of success.

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Gastronomic congratulation to International Women’s Day

»  Gastronomic congratulation to International Women’s Day (pdf)

Easter Menu

Are you already looking forward to throwing your gloves and scarves away and catching the first rays of spring sunshine? And to not having to go to and from work in the dark anymore? And eager to see the first sign of a green leaf on a tree? Well, we can’t wait! In celebration of this occasion and the Easter holidays, Triton Restaurant is also going to dress up for spring. We are preparing a special spring-Easter menu for you. And you really do have something to look forward to. We are preparing an array of spring delicacies. Come and celebrate the arrival of spring with us!

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>> Easter Menu (pdf)

Valentine’s Day Menu

Romantic atmosphere in the very heart of Prague. Flowers for the lady and great delicacies to match the occasion of the day of those in love. Spend an unforgettable time accompanied by the captivating music of live piano during the Valentine’s Day evening. 

» Valentine's Menu (pdf) «


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