Moravian Wines

There are a great number of varying opinions on Moravian wines; they have enthusiastic supporters as well as die-hard opponents. Taking a radical approach in praising or condemning these in principal would be a mistake. Neither would it be correct to compare them with wines from other countries, produced by different technologies, from different varieties in entirely dissimilar climate conditions. To put it simply, wines from Moravia are original, they reflect the conditions of this territory and the work of local people. Therefore – as with other wines from different countries – they are unique.

Each country produces such wines, which prosper best in the local conditions and which are typical for the given region. Or that is how it should be. The typical wines of Moravia and the Czech Republic as such are undoubtedly white wines. This is mainly due to the local climate, which is really not warm enough for blue varieties. That is why many wine-growers have already realised that it is better to leave the production of top quality red wines to the Italians or French and start doing that which they can do best and for which they have suitable regional conditions. And that is growing white grapes and producing wine from them.

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