Vintage and Life-span of Moravian Wines

In some countries and regions a specific year plays a great role, because it principally reflects mainly the weather conditions, which the vine encountered during the ripening of the grapes and which fundamentally influenced the resulting product. Then there are countries, mainly in the “new world”, where the year – at least with usual production – is not that important, because the weather there is stable and mostly very warm, which guarantees wine production without vast quality and character swings. In our country the climate is quite changeable, in individual years there can be very significant differences in average temperatures, total rainfall as well as the number of hot and cold days. Therefore, in our conditions the time of origin can have a considerable influence.

In general Moravian wines prosper best during years with warm, but not tropical, weather. Hot summers are best endured by red wines which can actually benefit from it, while white wines from such years will lack lightness and freshness, the acidity goes down and the full-bodiness and alcohol content increase. For example, white wines of 2003, which was a really hot year, will not refresh you much due to their strength and combined with a higher alcohol level will more than likely make you tired. That means wine produced in this year will more likely please lovers of red wine while white wines should be chosen well to go with certain meals. On the other hand, the years 2002, 2004 and 2005 were good for white wines.

One can often hear talk about vintage wines, old rarities and treasures. On the other hand there are wine-makers and sommeliers, who are of the opinion that if you enjoy Moravian wine at any given time, you should drink it. It is true that Moravian wines of usual production do not have much of an aging potential, for that they have to be really exceptional and there are not many of these. Other wines will probably not be harmed by aging, but it will definitely not improve them. Wines – including the expensive great wines from renowned wine-growing areas of the world – do not automatically follow the rule, the older the wine, the better it is. What applies more often is that each wine has its own time and good wines of usual Moravian production have this at around 2 to 5 years. After this time the wine quality starts to diminish, it begins losing its vigour and makes one feel weary and tired. To put it simply, it is past its best.

However, that does not mean it is pointless to store old Moravian wines or to drink them. Nevertheless, they are definitely not worth paying astronomic sums for, following the formula: the older the wine is the more money it will cost. But it is certainly worthwhile treating yourself to a very old wine, to contemplate what has happened in the world since the birth of the wine and what the year, when the wine was made, was really like.

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